The network will provide state-of-the-art training for 8 PhD students: Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). The ESRs will be recruited for a duration of 36 months. Each ESR position in COL_RES allows the researcher to work towards a PhD at one of our six academic institutions. Consortium. Every ESR will work on an independent research project with an allied training programme. ESRs may each undertake two periods of secondment to other academic or industry institutes.

The eight projects are indicated below:

ESR1: Microbiota & Citrobacter rodentium: Audrey Peters

ESR2: Microbiota & Listeria monocytogenes: Monica Cazzaniga

ESR3: Microbiota & Campylobacter jejuni: Nizar Shayya

ESR4: Microbiota & Salmonella Typhimurium: Mathias Herzog

ESR5: Microbiota & E. coli (EHEC): Deborah O’ Sullivan

ESR6: Gut phage & infection: Hiba Shareefdeen

ESR7: Metabolomics for microbiome studies: Trisha Arora

ESR8: Machine-learning & multiomics: Kardokh Kaka Bra