ESR 6 Hiba Shareefdeen

Hiba Shareefdeen

Previous training and experience

I completed my Honours Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at McMaster University where I worked for two years in the lab of Dr. Michael Surette. At the Surette lab, I worked on the isolation of bacteriophages from the human gut microbiota. After falling in love with phages, I decided to continue my studies in the field by obtaining a MSc under the supervision of Dr. Alexander Hynes. At the Hynes lab I was involved with a study that tracked phage populations through fecal microbiota transplants and worked on a separate project studying novel hemolysis phenotypes in Bacteroides isolates. Most recently, I worked as Research Technician in the Cox lab at the University of Guelph where I studied cell wall-anchored proteins in Staphylococcus aureus

Why you wanted to join the project

I have always been interested in studying the role that bacteriophages play in the gut microbiome. I wanted to join this project because it provides the opportunity to further elucidate the mechanisms by which bacteriophages influence bacterial community structure in the gut. I am passionate about studying phages and the ways that they can be leveraged as therapeutics.

About your research project

This project will look at the microbiota phage community structure using sequencing and bioinformatics approaches. I hope to examine phage populations in murine models before and after antibiotic treatment and determine the influence of phage populations in the context of protection against Listeria and Salmonella infection. 

Other Interests 

My interests outside of the lab include reading novels (especially fantasy), trying new recipes and new cuisines, and growing really spicy peppers in my garden. 

Contact details:

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