ESR 7 Trisha Arora

Trisha Arora

Previous training and experience

I completed my Bachelor and Master of Science Dual Degree from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Bhopal, India in Biological Sciences. As part of my MS thesis and other internships that I have undertaken, I have worked on predicting the pharmacokinetic properties of molecules using machine learning along with carrying out protein and in-silico microbiota modelling.

Why you wanted to join the project 

I have always been interested in carrying out interdisciplinary research, being part of the project would enable me to employ computational and analytical methods to understand metabolomics data. The program also provides the opportunity to acquire both technical and transferable skills at leading research labs and institutions which would be beneficial for well-rounded growth and development of scientific temperament.

About your research project

I will be carrying out metabolomic data acquisition and analysis of samples including those of the microbiota. Integration of the metabolomic data with microbiota datasets will be carried out by employing bioinformatics tools and machine learning for the development of models for colonization resistance.

Other interests

Apart from playing tennis and badminton, I am fond of travelling, experiencing new cultures and learning languages. 

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